Dynamics of the mantle in Earth, terrestrial planets and moons

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Heat and mass transfers within within the Earth's mantle is controlled by large scale convective flows. Like the Earth, telluric planets (Venus, Mars) and large moons of giant gaseous planets (e.g., Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto, which orbit around Jupiter) may currently experience, or have experienced convection. We develop numerical tools and perform numerical experiments to explore the influence of important parameters on the mode of convection in Earth, terrestrial planets and moons. We also make efforts to integrate various geophysical observables (mainly seismic and gravity data) to geodynamical models.

Our current research interests include:

  •  the influence of continents on the style of convection
  • the rheology of mantle material
  • the role of phase transitions (e.g., the recently discovered phase transition to post-perovskite)
  •  the influence of spherical geometry on  the style of convection
  • the role of thermo-chemical convection
  • the relationship between mantle dynamics and plate tectonics
  • chemical differentiation of the mantle, including deep layering and the formation of continents
  • coupled mantle and core thermal evolution
  • influence of grain-size evolution and water transport on mantle dynamics
  • coupled mantle-atmosphere evolution
  • mantle dynamics of Mars, Venus, Io, icy moons, and extrasolar planets

People involved: Paul Tackley, Maxim Ballmer, Antoine Rozel

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