Dynamics of tectonic processes on Earth and terrestrial planets

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We investigate numerically various plate tectonics processes involving lithospheric plates of both continental and oceanic origin. We develop realistic petrological-thermo-mechanical approaches in 2-D and 3-D coupling visco-elasto-plastic deformation, heat transport and mineralogical phase transformations in order to understand:

  • subduction initiation
  • slab break-off
  • lithospheric delamination
  • development and evolution of transform faults
  • continental collision and rifting
  • rheology of the lithosphere
  • evolution of water in the subduction interface
  • feedbacks between lithospheric deformation and surface processes
  • coupling of seismic processes with the deformation of the crust-lithosphere-asthenosphere

People involved: Paul Tackley, Taras Gerya, Antoine Rozel, Kosuke Ueda, Jie Liao

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