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From early Earth plume-lid tectonics to present-day plate tectonics. A high-resolution 3D numerical modelling approach.
Ria Fischer
Diss., Zürich, ETH Zürich (2016)
The Southern polar giant impact hypothesis for the origin of the Martian dichotomy and the evolution of volcanism on mars.
Giovanni Leone
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2016)
Continental rifting to seafloor spreading. Insights from 2D and 3D numerical modeling.
Jie Liao
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2015)
Numerical modelling of coupled thermo-mechanical and fluid transport processes at convergent margins.
Diana Dymkova
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2014)
Geodynamic-geochemical regimes of intra-oceanic subduction. Thermo-mechanical Modeling of Trace Element Signatures.
Bettina Baitsch Ghirardello
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2013)
The interaction between subduction-related mantle currents and surface topography.
Fabio Crameri
Diss., Zürich, ETH (2013)
Processes and properties controlling the formation of lithospheric-scale shear zones.
Marcel Thielmann
Diss., Zürich, ETH-Zürich (2013)
Mélodies en sous-sols. Etudes sur la structure thermochimique et la dynamique du manteau terrestre.
Frédéric Deschamps
(2008) Lyon: Université Claude Bernard - Lyon 1.
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